A Bizarre yet Fantastic Experience Eating Dinner in the Dark

“Why would anyone want to eat dinner in the dark?” You might be asking. One reason is to explore your senses of taste and smell, or to test how good your taste buds are at guessing what food you are eating. In fact, one of the greatest things about eating in the dark is that you can eat with your fingers, lick the plate and do whatever the hell you want and no one has any idea.

Walking into the dark room with one hand on our blind waiter’s (Gal) shoulder I wasn’t sure what to expect, apart from that we’d be in the dark. The room was pitch black, completely pitch black, to the point where when I waved my hand in front of my face I couldn’t see a thing. Previously, I wondered if I would feel uncomfortable in pure darkness but I found myself at ease. I’ve always loved the unknown and new experiences so I was in my element.

We decided to go for the White menu- chefs choice. There is also the option of a green menu- vegetarian, and a meat menu- meat. We were warned there may be exotic foods and we couldn’t wait. If you know anything about me then you’ll know that I am pretty obsessed with food. I’d like to consider myself a foodie but even I couldn’t guess what we were eating in the dark.

(I waited a while before posting this so I don’t give away what the current dishes are. They are changed monthly)

The starter
At first, I attempted to eat with my knife and fork, though I soon realised this wasn’t a good idea when I repeatedly raised an empty fork to my mouth. Thereafter, I put the cutlery down. The first course came in 2 parts. I tasted something which tasted fishy and squidgy, I was sure it wasn’t scallops because they weren’t thick enough. I predicted that I was eating octopus but they were, of course, scallops. On the other side of the plate there was a breaded cheese above some vegetables but we couldn’t quite work out what cheese it was. It tasted quite strong and smokey, perhaps it could have been a type of cheddar. It turns out that it wasn’t cheese at all! Instead it was chicken and chorizo breaded croquette. The starter was the superior course for me and here’s a picture of what it looked like (we got shown this after our dining experience)


The main course
The main course was split into 3 dishes. The first I tried was a meat dish which I wasn’t too keen on. I was surprised to learn that this meat was venison, which I have always referred to as my favourite type of meat! There was also a fish dish and a vegetable and fruit salad.


The finale
I’m glad we decided to go for the 3 course meal over the 2 course; I wanted the experience to last as long as possible. The dessert consisted of 2 parts. Both were equally scrumptious and refreshing. I couldn’t resist licking all the deliciousness off my plate from what turned out to be watermelon soup.


To drink
We ordered a bottle of water which was surprisingly easy to pour in the dark. Gal instructed us to put our fingers in our glass as we poured and it felt perfectly natural after a while.
Overall, I found dining in the dark a surreal, fun and enlightening experience.

Getting there
It should be easy to find as its near Farringdon station but unfortunately for us that station was closed; we travelled to Chancery Lane instead. We ended up walking 10 minutes before we realised we had walked in the wrong direction, after that we had to run to the venue, convinced we wouldn’t find it. We are terrible with directions, Luckily we made it with time to spare for our slot (they ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your booking).

Tip: ask for seats by the wall. We happened to be next to one and it made me feel more comfortable with my surroundings. I think it would have been strange sitting between 2 people I didn’t know. I’d be worried about elbowing them!



  1. May 9, 2017 / 1:40 am

    What an interesting experience! Definitely one for the bucket list!

  2. Vick
    June 17, 2017 / 8:55 pm

    There`s one Dans le Noir here in Barcelona and I always wanted to go, but never did. Now after reading your post I`m definitely going!!!
    Thanks for sharing this experience and I`m sharing this on my FB to see if any of my friends will be brave enough to join me…!

    • June 18, 2017 / 6:46 pm

      Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you get to go and enjoy your experience as much as I did 🙂

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