About Me

Hi! Welcome to my travel blog, Tasha’s Oyster… Where the world is your oyster!

I’m Tasha, a photo-taking, food-loving teacher from England with a passion for exploring new places. Travel, nature, cheetahs and orangutans are just a few things I love.

Starting in 2016, Tasha’s Oyster became a platform for me to share my adventures with family and friends (hi mum!). While I still love writing online diaries, I soon realised I have a passion for a number of travel topics including responsible travel, hiking, photography and wildlife conservation. Finally in 2018, I decided to revamp my blog into what you’re seing now.

So far, I’ve visited 35 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Oceana. I’m hoping that my blog posts will inspire you to fill your bucket lists with travel, photography and wildlife experiences.

Some of my trips are solo, some are with friends, with my boyfriend, Mike, or with family. Each year, my mum and I go on a Mother-Daughter trip and I also try to volunteer abroad with wildlife once a year. I do this to learn more about conservation and to photograph different animals. As Joey from Friends says, no good deed is selfless!

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Since you know about my love of travel, here are some other things you probably don’t know about me…


I’d Choose the Mountains Over a City Any day

Although I enjoy exploring new cities, there’s nothing I love more than being surrounded by mountainous scenery and feeling completely at bliss with nature. My favourite hikes so far have been in Switzerland and Poland.






I’m an Avid Baker

Give me an occasion, I’ll bake for it. I particularly enjoy baking cupcakes and cakes although I’m also a sucker for chocolate brownies and various desserts.




My Dad’s an Author

My love of reading and writing probably stems from my dad; his name is Ian Whates if you want to check him out. He tends to write Sci-Fi and fantasy novels and also publishes books with his company: Newcon Press.



I’m a Vegetarian

For various reasons (watch Cowspiracy if you’re interested) I decided to stop eating meat. I’ve also given up milk and try to eat a plant-based diet as often as I can. My meals are often inspired by my vegan friend, Lani. Check out her Youtube here.




Friends Obsessed

I must have watched each episode of Friends 100 times and I tend to quote from the show daily, though most people give me strange look and have no idea what I’m talking about… ‘Tasha doesn’t share food!’ I visited Friends Fest a couple of years ago with my chum, Lily, where we got to walk through various sets from the show including Monica’s Apartment and Central Perk.



I’m Passionate About Wildlife

I regularly attend talks from my favourite charities and am passionate about doing whatever I can to help save wildlife, like avoiding palm oil. Even the children in my class know how much I love animals; I adopted an orangutan for my class for Christmas to link with our rainforest topic. It’s my number one dream to see cheetahs and orangutans in the wild. Fingers crossed for orangutans in Borneo this year!