Reasons to Visit Alsace in the Springtime

In April, the dreary skies and short days make way for spring with new flowers budding and pops of colour appearing all around. Basically, it means you can leave the house without layering, layering layering (picture Joey from Friends). Springtime signifies emerging out of the winter hibernation and where better to spend it than Alsace this year? My mum and I visited the Alsace region, France, in April last year on one of our annual mother-daughter trips and fell in love with the region in the Springtime.

The Wisteria House

I may have become slightly obsessed with this wisteria-covered house, located in the Petite France area of Strasbourg. I returned to admire it at least once a day more photos of it than I’d like to admit to! The gorgeous purple carpet dangling over this house was too beautiful to resist. I’d like my house to look just like this one day. It’s only covered with wisteria during the Springtime, making it the ideal time of year to visit. I can imagine it looks quite plain, in comparison, at other times of year.

Flower Boxes 

In April, you’ll start to notice flower boxes popping up around the Alsace region. Doesn’t every scene look better with some colourful flowers? I’m always searching for flowers to add colour and vibrance to photos. We noticed particularly pretty flower boxes in Eguisheim and Colmar.

A Chance of Warm Weather

With Spring, the weather turns milder and it might just be pleasant enough to sit outside. Just like England, France can be cold one day and warm enough to have lunch outside the next. We were lucky that it warmed up towards the end of our trip as at the beginning, we were in scarves, hats and gloves! The typical Alsatian dish, tarte flambee was the perfect meal to enjoy in this warm weather.d


Fewer Tourists Wandering the Canals

I can imagine that in the summer time, these canals would be filled with a sea of people. However, whilst we were there in the Spring, they were mostly empty scenes. The tourist season tends to start around May in France so April seemed like the perfect time to visit.

Chasing Wisteria

More wisteria… Doesn’t it seem to make each scene look even more magical? The flower only appears once a year so Spring is the only time where you’d get to admire wisteria in the Alsace.

Easter Decoration

With Spring, for many, comes the festivities of Easter and I’ve never seen anywhere celebrate Easter like France. The streets, houses and even roundabouts were decorated for the occasion. In Colmar, Easter markets popped up and filled the streets whilst in Strasbourg, the Easter decorations were more subtle. See more photos from the Alsace at Easter here.

The Wine

Okay, so this is enjoyable anytime of year, but I couldn’t write a post about the Alsace without mentioning the wonderful, wonderful wine. My mum and I toured the famous Alsace wine route and were pleased to find that we tended to be the only people at each winery, perhaps another benefit of visiting in the springtime?

Spring Walks

Finally, we can emerge from the dreariness of winter and enjoy a Springtime walk. Where’s the perfect place to walk in the Alsace? The vineyards of course! We wandered up some beautiful vineyards around Eguisheim. It seemed like the perfect time of year to explore the surrounding areas as the air was still fairly cool and we didn’t see any other tourists on the way.

Have you ever visited Alsace? Where else do you recommend visiting in the Springtime? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. April 21, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    I love your photos! You have really captured the beauty of the towns so well in the springtime. I have just been to Strasbourg in the Autumn and it was still really nice then too. Maybe just a bit fresh in the morning and evening. Thanks for sharing!

  2. April 21, 2018 / 4:47 pm

    Alsace looks stunning in the spring! The beautiful wisteria is reason enough for me. Japan in the spring is lovely too for the blossoms but more enjoyable before the Golden Week crowds.

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