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A Month in Sri Lanka 

In July and August I spent just over a month in Sri Lanka. I volunteered with wild elephants, sipped cocktails on paradise-like beaches, took the most scenic train journey in the world and hiked till my feet bled (okay, it…


My Travels in 2017

From spending Valentine’s Day in New York, to our annual mother-daughter trip, to a holiday with one of my best friends, to spending 5 weeks in what I now consider my favourite country, it’s safe to say that 2017 has been…


A Weekend in Margate

Last week my partner, Mike, surprised me with a weekend away to Margate to celebrate three years of being together. I usually spend months researching ideas for each trip I go on, so it was a welcoming change when I…


Zalipie: A Painted Village in Poland

Close your eyes, imagine a storybook village and you may well picture Zalipie. Filled with delicately painted houses, I’d never been anywhere like it. Everywhere, from the walls to the wells, seemed to painted with ‘flowers of the imagination’. I…


What to See, Do and Eat in Krakow

Legend has it that Kraków was founded on the defeat of a dragon. Perhaps because of this, there is a mythical atmosphere present among the streets and squares. I fell in love with Krakow far more than I was expecting.…