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Photos from Alsace at Easter

Living in England, I’m used to people decorating their houses for Christmas, some even spice up their homes for Halloween each year. One thing, however, I had never experienced were houses being decorated for Easter. Let me introduce you to…


My Travel ABCs

This was a fun post to write! I saw this idea on https://tracystravelsintime.com/ and decided to try it too. I enjoyed reminiscing over my years of travel even though it was really tricky to pick one favourite for some of…


My Top 10 Dishes Around the World

If you know me, then you will know that I am obsessed with food. I’m constantly thinking about my next meal and putting ingredients together in my head. I love trying new types of food and have been fortunate to enjoy many fantastic…


Exploring the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent

My partner, Mike, is well aware of my passion for wildlife and conservation. I’m constantly watching nature documentaries and reading related books whilst being on the look out for conservation volunteering opportunities abroad and new animals to adopt. Knowing all this,…


Marrakech in 5 Days

When arriving in Marrakech I was initially shocked by the change of culture. How could somewhere so different to the UK exist only a few hours away? It appeared quite intimidating at first. The pavements and alleyways were covered with…