Romantic Zadar

Perched along the Dalmation Coast in Croatia, Zadar is a small town which is easy to fall in love with. My partner and I stayed there for 5 nights and found it to be the perfect location for a romantic trip. To begin with, the main thing that drew me to Zadar is its closeness to and the ease of visiting many national parks. I wasn’t expecting to be overwhelmed by the beauty and charm that it has to offer.

What’s so romantic about Zadar?

The architecture
Zadar boasts splendid medieval churches and Roman ruins and it is easy to explore by foot. The streets are very charming and a stroll through them is the perfect way to spend a day or evening. We loved wandering through the picturesque streets and soaking up our surroundings.

The Rowers of Zadar
In order to visit the old town of Zadar we needed to take a rowing boat across the harbour. The rowers of Zadar have been connecting each end of the harbour with their small rowing boats for over 800 years! With this tradition in mind, we found the boat much more romantic then walking further along to the bridge. We loved our small trip on the boat each day and it only cost 2 euros, much cheaper than the gondoliers in Venice!

The Sun Salutation
Otherwise known as the greeting to the sun, the Sun Salutation consists of glass plates which collect the suns energy during the day to create an enchanting light show from sunset to sunrise. On our way home from dinner and drinks we loved to stop take in the sun salutation. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a time when it wasn’t covered in a sea of people, but never the less, it was still magical.

The Sea Organ
Right next to the sun salutation, the sea organ is a place for serenity and tranquility. Croatia’s 230-ft sea organ uses the waves from the sea to make beautiful music. The waves travel through the pipes installed beneath the surface to create a unique and extraordinary sound. We would often relax here; the sea views, soothing sound and atmosphere create a spectacular, romantic experience.

The sunsets
Alfred Hitchcock once honoured Zadar with the attribute of having the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and I can’t disagree. We found that two of the most striking spots to watch the sunsets were on top of the bell tower and by the sun salutation. With the background music from the sea organ, the mesmerising lights from the sun salutation and the reflections from the sea it’s a sunset that’s hard to beat.

The food
All around Zadar there are plentiful restaurants serving fresh seafood and many other delicious meals. Our favourite place to eat was Kornat, a restaurant located right on the harbour which serves exquisite food. It is a little bit pricey so perhaps not for every night but ideal for a special occasion. Sitting outside is the most romantic spot and I would recommend booking in advance as the outside tables are hard to come by.


The Garden bar
Once we found this bar, we returned numerous times. It’s a perfect place to chill out on the beds in the sun during the day and to enjoy a cocktail in the evening. The views do not disappoint and neither do the drinks. I would recommend the Hugo cocktail: presecco mixed with elderflower liquor and soda water… heaven.


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